Industrial Videos

Wesley Productions has produced over 40+ corporate and training videos for large international research and development companies, mining conglomerates, engineering companies, nonprofits, and retail entities. Wesley Productions partners with Precision Systems Engineering for industrial videos.

MSHA Certified

Unlike general production companies, our staff is current with MSHA. More importantly, we understand process and common safety procedures like safe to work permits and proper PPE.

Familiar with Industrial Processes

Because we are familiar with general processes we save you time in knowing what’s important to your industry and shareholders.

Many of our videos have been created for R&D firms and for the mining industry but we are familiar with oil & gas (hydrocarbon), and food industries.

Training & Safety Videos

OSHA and MSHA facilities require safety and training videos for new employees and contractors.  Let Wesley Productions help you create videos that are not only informative but fun and less-boring (you know what we mean). If you’ve got a new product, brownfield or greenfield site that you are proud of, we can export various formats so you can show it off to shareholders or on your website.

Don’t know where to start?  Wesley Productions has resources including scriptwriters, voice over talent and graphic designers.

Due to proprietary content, following are the only industrial videos we are allowed to show on our website.

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