This past year Wesley Productions has assisted in producing several Television shows and specials that have shown on ABC4 (KTVX) as well as CW30 (KUCW). We’ve been on stage with the Beach Boys, produced music videos, corporate, industrial and educational videos. In the past we’ve filmed and interviewed guests from Stan Lee, Simon Pegg, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, and The Voice. We’ve filmed and edited interviews with popular musicians from Beach Boys, Journey, Ben Folds Five, Santana, to Foreigner. We’ve created audition videos used by friends to become contestants on The Voice. We love what we do but over the years we haven’t taken much credit for the work we’ve accomplished. Much of our work has been re-branded, shown on the nightly news or on Television under another name, used for charities, corporate and industrial programs, or hidden from public view because of the sensitive nature of a business product. Some of our Television work has been shown nationally and internationally to presidents, kings, and the American people. We wish we could share it all.

Christmas Special ABC4 & CW30 Utah

Beach Boys w/ Rock Canyon Studios