Simon Pegg Panel SLC Fantasy Con 2014

SLC Fantasy Con 2014

Simon Pegg is most recently known for his roles in Star Trek, Shawn of the Dead, Mission Impossible 3 & 4, and Hot Fuzz. However, before there was stardom he was a writer and comedian.  He studied literature and theater at Stratford-upon-Avon College and the University of Bristol.

Besides being an actor, Simon really understands crowds and was an absolute delight at the SLC Fantasy Con.  His stories were fun and heart-felt and you can tell he really loves his fans. In fact, rumor has it that this was Simon’s first ever appearance as a guest of a con.

Simon Pegg shared experiences with Leonard Nimoy and fun times on set.  He talks about his friends and the pranks they played on set.  One of the funniest stories was the Neutron Cream joke.  Simon talks about his childhood, Nick Frost, script writing, growing up, and about the joy of being a geek.

Here is a video of the interview.  The MC was Tony Toscano (Tony’s website).

Here are some photos we took during Simon Pegg Panel SLC Fantasy Con 2014 MC’d by Tony Toscano (Tony’s website).