A Musical Christmas

A Musical Christmas

Wesley Productions was asked by Rock Canyon Studios and Refinement Records to help with a Christmas special called A Musical Christmas that quickly became dear to our heart.  All of us at Wesley Productions became heavily involved.  We provided help as Production Assistants, Craft Services, Gaffers, Lighting, Sound Assistants, directors, editors, and more.  Now, we didn’t do it all. There were many people involved and there were many recording sessions. However, as the show began to come together Wesley Productions ended up editing 90% of the show and conformed it for television and delivered it to ABC4 and CW30 here in Utah.  Brian Wesley, owner of Wesley Productions became a Producer for the show.  It was a blast.

Yes, it was work and many many long hours.  However, the real fun came in working with Rock Canyon Studios, Refinement Records, and the singers and performers from all over Utah and California.  We are amazed at the talent.

The show aired prime time on both ABC4 and CW30 on several days including Christmas Day.  A Musical Christmas was truly a labor of love.


Rock Canyon Studios’ website:  RockCanyonStudios.com

Refinement Records has changed its name to Refinement Productions and you can find there website here: RefinementProductions.com

Here is A Musical Christmas’ YouTube and Facebook pages:

YouTube – AMusicalChristmas

Facebook – AMusicalChristmas


Here are some various production videos.  None of these photos were taken by Wesley Productions.  To see more visit Facebook – AMusicalChristmas


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