Sean Astin and Billy Boyd

Sean Astin and Billy Boyd

Sean Astin and Billy Boyd

SLC Fantasy Con 2014

Sean Astin is an actor and singer known for his roles as Rudy, Mike in the Goonies, and Samwise in the Lord of the Rings.  Sean grew up as a true Hollywood child.  His mother is Patty Duke (from the Patty Duke Show) and Sean considered his father to be John Astin (Gomez from the original Adam’s Family).  Sean started acting at a young age but got his first gig at 10.  Three years later he starred in The Goonies.  After The Goonies he played in one of my favorite TV movies, Disney’s B.R.A.T Patrol and went on to be in Toy Soldiers, Encino Man and Rudy.

Children might recognize his voice as Oso on Disney’s Special Agent Oso and as Raphael on the 2012 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As a teen Billy worked as a book binder for 6 years he then went to college where he studied acting and even puppetry.  Billy became an avid surfer during his free time in New Zealand.  In 2006 his Scottish band, the Beefcakes, released their first album.  That same year Billy became a father.  Billy is known most for his role as Pippin on Lord of the Rings.

This year Sean and Billy spent time away from home to visit SLC’s Fantasy Con.  It was more of a heart-felt comedy show than a convention panel.   Enjoy!


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